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Clod Ensemble
Penny completed a 3.5 year tenure as part-time General
Manager for Clod Ensemble. Having created the business plan
and with a successful application for NPO status at ACE
(recently renewed), she had responsibility for personnel,
finance, management and fundraising. She has been
instrumental in rolling out the company’s highly successful
programme, Performing Medicine, which uses arts based
learning within a medical training context, extending its reach
beyond medical schools to the profession. She also supported
the development of Living Room Music, a music education
project for schools and Extravagant Acts, a high quality arts
programme for day care centres for the elderly.  To support
other substantial fundraising, she achieved a successful bid to
Guy”s and St Thomas’ Charity for £581,000 to fund a 3 year
pilot project between Performing Medicine and SaIL,
Simulation and Interactive Learning Centre at Kings.

Brook Street Band
For four years, Penny worked with The Brook Street Band…
and Classic FM. She instigated and gained funding and
support for a Research and Development project, working with
choreographer William Tackett and writer Alasdair Middleton
leading to a short showcase hosted by Jerwood. She achieved
Arts Council funding for Organisational Development, including
a professional photoshoot and new graphics to enhance the
company’s image and an audience development project with
Audiences Agency. She gained funding and support for the first
Love: Handel Festival in Norwich in 2017, comprising of
concerts, workshops and talks and associated education
programme in local Norwich schools.

Penny set up Freeword as a new business and charity. It
successfully runs the Freeword building in Farringdon Road,
home for 8 independent companies working in literature,
literacy and free expression.
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Trestle Theatre Company
During 20 year tenure at Trestle Theatre Company as General
Manager, Penny’s management, production and entrepreneur
skills played a major role in establishing Trestle as one of
Britain’s leading theatre companies with substantial touring
throughout the UK and overseas. She initiated the production of
mask sets and teachers packs which became the main stay of
the company’s income, supplemented by a comprehensive
business training arm. She instigated the first ever sponsors
showcase for Arts & Business in the Shell Theatre, London

Apples & Snakes
Penny was Interim Director for Apples & Snakes where she
successfully managed the company and oversaw the
appointment process and induction of the new director. During
her tenure as Director she secured Arts Council funding for a
new post and initiated the first National Slam Summit in